Timber Garden Sheds

Pressure Treated Timber Sheds – Built to Last

Pressure-treated timber is used on the framework and exterior of all our timber sheds. Do not confuse pressure-treated with pre-treated or exterior treatment; pressure-treated timber will last far longer than timber treated by other methods, and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. This treatment can be certified by our suppliers.

OSB 3 (Oriented Strand Board) is used on the floor and roof. This very strong and highly durable product is used extensively by the construction industry, and is certified by the Irish Board of Agrément.

Torch felt is a durable roofing material that is heated and adhered to the roof, and is highly resistant to storm damage. Torch felt is much longer lasting than mineral felt, which is a moderately durable roofing material that is nailed to the roof. Breathable wall-lining is an option available on all our timber sheds, except for Rustic Economy.

Durable galvanised nails are used on the exterior, and a single door on the gable (approx. 28” wide) is standard, with galvanized tee hinges and pad-bolt. Window panes feature toughened glass.


Rustic Economy / Premium: Pressure-treated weatherboard, smooth-sawed boards (not planed). Our Rustic sheds use only sustainable Irish timber.

Classic / Shiplap: Pressure-treated, planed, rebated weatherboard.

Log / Barrelboard: Pressure-treated, rebated weatherboard – log profile.

Timber Chalets

All Timber chalets have a 12” roof overhang and 2 windows on the front gable.

Timber Summerhouses

Timber Summerhouses include a 3ft veranda and 2 windows on the front gable.

All timber chalets and summerhouses are available in the following exterior timber finishes:

  • Rustic Premium
  • Classic
  • Log