Steel Sheds for Sale

The steel shed has gone through some changes since Steeltech first opened its doors, where once there was one type of steel shed available now there are numerous different options available, with more new concepts in the pipeline all the time. So if it is a high quality, maintenance free shed that you are after, Steeltech Sheds has the answer at the best price GUARANTEED!

All Steel Sheds include:

  • Non Drip Insulation on 4 Walls and Roof
  • Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Minimum 1 Clear Roof Panel
  • A Sliding Door up to 4’6”
  • 7’ Wall Height
  • Delivery and Erection included

Steel Shed Optional Extras:

  • Kingspan Insulation
  • Tilestyle Roof
  • Raised Wall Height
  • Timber floors can be supplied and fitted
  • Shelving
  • Small Double Glazed Window
  • Medium Double Glazed Window
  • Large Double Glazed Window
  • Extra Large Double Glazed Window
  • Steel pedestrian door
  • Half Glass PVC door
  • Solid PVC door
  • Extra sliding doors available

Steel Shed Colours

Steel Shed Colours

For more information on our steel sheds and to view the steel shed image gallery, visit the steel sheds page.