Garden Studios

escape-rest-enjoyThe garden studio is just one example of the diversity and innovation that Steeltech can offer you. Why not drop into one of our showrooms today and speak with our sales team to further develop your thoughts and ideas? Remember that a Steeltech shed isn’t just a garden shed, it can be anything you want it to be.

Variety of Uses

This versatile product can fulfil almost any role. Some of our customers use it as a simple sunroom. Artists use it as a studio, as it lets in ample natural light. It could be a snooker room, or would even be excellent for entertaining family and friends. Why not use it to dine out?

Optional Extras:

  • Tile-style roof
  • Slate-effect roof
  • Overhangs
  • Gutters
  • Partitions

Window Options:

  • Small double-glazed window (1’ x 1’)
  • Large double-glazed window (3’ x 2’)
  • Extra large double-glazed window (3’ x 3’)
  • Full-length glass panel

Door Options:

  • Solid-PVC door
  • Half-Glass PVC door
  • Half-Glass French doors
  • Full-Glass French doors
  • Double sliding doors

Materials Information:

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Concrete Bases